The word that i use in the majority of my usernames, with the exception of a slight few.
My username is -¤infinity¤-
by Auryn March 29, 2005
The greatest MOHAA:AA clan ever.
"We were beat by the best team I've ever seen."

"Which team was it?"

by vanilla gorilla February 01, 2005
The best damned rock band ever. Nathan Gugliotta, Mike Rasner and Lewis Timms. Wurd. the new EP "Live at Tipman's" out january 4th!
"Infinity Kicks ass!"
"Ifinity is the next Nirvana!"
by googli December 07, 2003
A complete cnut. Loves to wear pink dresses and pretend play with his blow up doll he calls Wern.
OMFG Infinity. What a fag.
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
Infinity is a team.
Because torbz is a member of it, it is therefore shit.
torbz enjoys lkr ('s hard cock)
by torbz April 19, 2004
Something that really doesn't exist.
Well, yeah. It doesn't.
by A equals A April 11, 2005
Scary. Creepy.
Wow that kid looks like infinity!
by omgz April 08, 2003

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