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In reference to thanking someone, for a deed, favor or action done.
Person 1: Heres your water.
Person 2: Thankies
by Auryn March 29, 2005
Similar to the words yeppers and yes. Is said in agreement, or a positive answer.
Person 1: Want to go to the store?
Person 2: Yessy
by Auryn March 29, 2005
My darling, yet sometimes sweetly and innocently annoying little sister. that has a habit of chewing, slobbering, and other such things.

Me: Eww...Libby (Liberty), stop chewing on my clothes!
by Auryn March 29, 2005
The name of one of my poems, and also the name of my site.
Evermore, the heart of the dark soul.
by Auryn March 29, 2005
The word that i use in the majority of my usernames, with the exception of a slight few.
My username is -¤infinity¤-
by Auryn March 29, 2005
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