1. Short for independant, usually music, as in independant label, independantly produced, etc. It DOES NOT have a particular sound since it really only refers to label and production (bands such as Modest Mouse and Of Montreal sound nothing alike, yet they are both indie).

2. Can also refer to stores or businesses that aren't part of chains.

3. Listeners are not flowery scene kids, as is generally believed. However, listeners MAY be stoned.

4. Is awesome.
Wal-Mart is to indie as brussel sprouts is to tasty.
by ConcertBish? November 28, 2009
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short for independent

associated with music and movies and other things

you're not an indie kid because you listen to earlimart or death cab for cutie. you're an indie kid because you're independent.

you are an indie kid because you are unique



I am so cool because i love elliott smith and the killers. i also wear big flashy sunglasses at night and smoke cigarettes.
by rainbow brite June 03, 2005
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Indie is a term used to describe Independent music. It is music that is less commercial and generally has a more unique sound but will sometimes end up sounding like other indie bands. Now most people on here are basically using bands like Arcade Fire, The Shins, ect. to describe Indie music. However the word indie means much more than alt rock, and basically includes like a million subgenres.
Indie can be rap.
Indie can be folk (it is a lot of the time).
Indie can be pop.
Indie is often international music.
INDIE IS NOT JUST ALTERNATIVE ROCK. Unless you are referring to mainstream "indie" bands. Then usually they will be.
Kid #1: Well what bands do you like?
Indie kid: The Vaselines, Belaire, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, Aesop Rock, Devendra Banhart a lot of random indie shit.
Kid #1: Indie? Oh like The Arctic Monkeys right???
Indie kid: No.
by Brooke R. January 08, 2008
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Mainly consisting of high school and college students, Indie is a current and very popular social group among the unpopular social groups.

Usually characterized by local or obscure music, eclectic clothing from thrift stores or the nearest Urban Outfitters, and constant bickering between one another on which bands are becoming too mainstream.

If you are considering becoming an indie kid, be prepared for many long arguments over various books, movies, music, paintings, and obscure pop culture icons between other members in the group. Oh, and be prepared for hearing loss, as you will be expected to attend many local shows and concerts.
"Hey Jane, how was the Cavil At Rest show last night?"

"It was good, but their newest song sounds so mainstream,, Like they are changing their sound so they will get a record deal"

"Isn't that a good thing though? I mean, doesn't every band hope for a record deal?"

"Not Indie. Its about the music, not the fame."
by Ms. Gina August 19, 2006
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as a mindset, a movement that revolves around choosing music, clothing and general culture based on their individual benefits and 'pros' so to speak; also could be incarnated in one who isnt overly pretentious because of someone else's opinions. Not to be confused with indie yuppies who are typically malinformed rich white kids, elitist about their tastes whilst not quite having the intellect to back up their own opinions.
typical indie attitude towards daily happenings:

I like the shins based on the atmosphere that their songs give, and the way in which they alter my mood, not just because i saw them on garden state.

This brand isn't particualrly 'cool' but i like this shirt so i will buy it and not fuck around because someone else doesnt
by english___p October 06, 2006
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The stereotypical name for an individual, because some dumbass actually invented a stereotype for someone who belongs to no stereotype. An individual is someone who likes their own thing, maybe they skate, but like to wear a lot of black. Normally they dress in whatever fashion they like and do whatever they enjoy doing. They see that there is no need for so many people to belong to a stereotype, and will normally refer to themselves as normal as in their own eyes they don't belong to a stereotype, but to other idiots (usually townies) they do, and that stereotype is called indie.
Townie: Look at your long 'air, what are you, a skater?

Me: No, I'm not anything, I'm just normal.

Townie: So you is a indie, ay?

Me: Whatever you want to call it.
by Craig March 23, 2005
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Although often defined as a certain musical category, technically indie would apply to all types of music without a record label. So a person rapping on the corner of a steet without a record label could easily be considered indie just as some weird obscure band. But most people are dumb and dont realize this, so the word indie in general usually applies to rock bands no one heard of.

Lame Biter Bitch: what type of music do you listen to?
Me: what ever i feel like.
Lame Biter Bitch: so like whats your favorite band?
Me: um, modest mouse i guess.
Lame Bitch: oh, i listen to indie, like boys like girls.
Me: you are a dumb bitch. that did not make any fucking sense.
by yoamanda May 12, 2007
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