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indie kids,are often kids who reject labels and will only accept being called an indie kid if called so by a friend who understand that the indie kid did not try and obtain this label.

indie kids style is a mixture of independent factors that they enjoy.
sometimes pulling from the realms of folksy,punk or hip.
indie style is a mixture of other styles,layered to create something somewhat original with each person.
"cute dress,girl."
"thanks trent, i found it in my mom's closet. i like it because it's modern with a twist,and no one else will ever have the same one!"
"aw,you're kind of an indie kid."
"ew! haha."
"no its ok,as far as labels go that's not such a bad one to fit into"
"haha thanks."
#indie #indie kid #indie girl #indie boy #indie kids
by girlyyyyy January 06, 2007
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