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Abstract kids. nothing like them in the world. everybody says theyre always so smart and this and that. but u dont have to be a genius. you should just have strong opinions and the strength to back them up when they are questioned. indies just cool in general. it mostly deals with liking things that arent the norm. or dressing the way you want to dress. and being indie means that u dont like lables because they just suck. they chill at nifty places like shows, libraries, the ipod store, and urban outfitters. they dress different. no indie dresses alike so theres no real way to explain it, just that when you see an indie kid youll know its an indie kid.
bob dylan.
anybody at urban outfitters.
anybody in the band death cab for cutie or sullivan etc....
u know. i cant really give an example of indie people bc theyre all so different. so im not even gonna bother anymore
by boomboomhuckjamm July 31, 2006

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