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taking someones arm and ringing it like a wet towel to assert PAIN to the individual
I'm gonna give you an Indian Burn
by George February 22, 2005
the action of clasping someone's arm with both hands and twisting the skin in opposite directions.
Mom: If you are bad, I will give you an indian burn.
Kid: I am calling social services.
by phenixer May 26, 2013
The red raw spots around your butt hole after a native american uses only coos juice to penitrate the rear
Danny RunningBull gave me an Indian Burn when he went back door last night.
by The Skatmann November 24, 2011
insertion of a man's dick on a guy's mouth and exploding his sperm into his mouth while the guy swallows the sperm.
please lets indian burn in the cr.. im so horny
by kalag October 10, 2010
The chafing that can occur when performing DV(Dual Vaginal) or DA(Dual Anal) from the two rods rubbing together.
We didn't use enough lube when my buddy and I were giving this girl DVDA and we ending up with some serious indian burn.
by niparpapjs January 08, 2006
to slap a female as hard as you can with your penis in atemps to leave a red mark or a imprint of your family jewels on here
i gave my ex girl friend an indian burn that lasted for 6 days
by stoph March 01, 2004
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