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Double vaginal. Used when talking about a female taking two cocks up her pussy at the same time. Can also be performed in conjunction with DP & DA as well as a number of other combinations.

And more...
by jasun January 12, 2005
Stands for "douchey vibe". "douchey" coming from the expression "douche bag". Universal term- can apply for both guys and gals. Related: c.v.
Man, that guy is really putting off a d.v. and he belongs in the Douche Bag Hall of Shame.
by overmedium May 21, 2010
Designer Vagina
a neatly tucked in vagina.
"You blud i would fuck that man"
"Naa bruv i like mine DV init!
"what you mean g?"
"disigner vaginaaa bluddd, all neatly tucked in n shit init.."
by CYNiCaLx* March 29, 2009
DV - A dysfunctional veteran, someone who served in the armed forces and put up with so much bullshit that they are now dysfunctionally crazy in the civilian way of life
Adam: Hey Kyle, I heard that John is a DV!
Kyle: You didn't know!? That's why he always smells like whiskey and bacon and calls everyone fucker..
by ianthegreat August 24, 2016
Dedicated Vandals. A graffiti crew started in 1985. UK based, original members include Score, Dose, Dome, Cel, Theme, Unit, Atak
Score DV, Dose DV, Dome DV
by Dose DV June 13, 2011
Stands for DeathView. Describes someone who is extremely angry and rages a lot.
Kow: OMG I keep on dying in CoD! WTH!

Me: Why are you so DV bro?
by Frogergy June 28, 2013
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