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To be sly, and and be stealthy or to keep something hidden.
Dude, let's keep that deal incog.
by iheartcowboys June 26, 2005
n. short for "incognegro" a black/African American whom either consciously or subconsciouly chooses not to associate with others of his or her race for any number of reasons. Not to be confused with the term oreo, which means any black person who does not fit established black stereotypes. An incog has few if any black friends, does not see her race as any sort of commonality between herself and other blacks, typically prefers to date white people, and usually reguards other blacks in a standoffish, aloof, or hostile manner. Note that an incog is not nescessarily defined by tastes or preference in dress, music, activities, or speech patterns, but by her relationship with other black persons.
"Yo, why does she look the other way every time i roll thru here?"

"Oh, she's an incog. You couldn't tell?"
by jpro January 31, 2006
One whom is black
There are damn incogs everywhere, I am leaving, Bitch!!!
by G-Murda February 28, 2003
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