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The type of sex one has with their imaginary girlfriend. A combination of "imaginary" and "vaginal".
Vince: "Dude, I got my girlfriend to do anal last night."
Brian: "I can't even get my girlfriend to do anything but vaginal, and like once a week. What about you, Trev?"
Trevor: "Last night- "
Mike: " -Dude, Trevor only gets imaginal from his canadian girlfriend! You've never met her."
by M Digga August 16, 2006
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1. Pertaining to non-existant (female) sexual organs, such as those of an imaginary girlfriend. 2. Describing a form of sexual intercourse that didn't actually occur.
"Yeah, you know your pathetic when even your make-believe girlfriend has a imaginal yeast infection."

"Well, if you include 'imaginal' then yeah, Jessica and I hooked up last week."
by Evil Vincent August 16, 2006

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