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A Slang term for Shrooms/Mushhrooms
by Intention May 24, 2003
word for magic mushrooms
last night i got all ripped on zoomers
by colin November 20, 2003
A type of shot with the Sniper in Gears of War.

Arguably, the origin of this shot is speculated to have been created by "FeArZ No EviL".

Similar to a "Popshot", the Zoomer is when the player holds the L Trigger, then once the reticle is centered upon an opposing players head, then clicks the Left Analog stick (zooming with the scope) in followed immediately by firing the rifle giving the screen a sort of "quick zoom" effect.

The Zoomer is used for its accuracy and is quite satisfying when the headshot is acquired.
BLaacKeN: Omfg. Zoomer Spiderman ftw.

trevasco: Get luckyyyyyyyyyy.
by BLaacKeN March 12, 2010
In parts of southeast Michigan, Person who is tells tall tails and shows off..flashy person. Originally a person who drives around alot.
Ever since he got his car hes become such a zoomer.
by Dearborn1 January 05, 2005
A person who sells fake drugs and then takes off before being found out.
"Damn! that zoomer just sold me cat nip!"
by THONGDADDYFLASH June 01, 2005
To go out and have a mare. Ie a shit weekend.
Aw mate what a zoomer I had last night.

Haha did you see that bird u were with last night, you had a zoomer!
by matt from hants July 25, 2006
Similar in nature to a flaming hard core nerd, but spacier, and typically cross eyed.
John: "Dude, what do you think of that dude Pee Wee?"
Jack: "Dude, he's a total zoomer."
by Professor W November 14, 2007

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