When something is waaaay to gud to even be legal
Her ass is so fat its illegal , The car look so gud its illegal.
by KejuanFamous January 26, 2015
a term that many avid ornithologists use when describing a bird that looks sickly, or not up to full health. "ill" referring to the sickness, and "egal" (short for eagle) in reference to the bird--thus "sick bird"
John: "Hey Mike check out that beautiful bird through your binoculars."

Mike: "It looks good from far away, but it's an illegal, not very good looking."
by renayyroach June 01, 2009
An unwell bird of prey
What is that?

It looks to be an illegal, we should take it to a vet immediately.
by The Definitionizer December 01, 2006
Majority of mexicans who use 20lbs of gel in they're hair, which they paid for with the money they stole
Some Mexican-"Odio a los blancos"
you-shut up you illegal bitch!
by !youngbeaner! October 18, 2010
Used to describe something in a positive manner.
Can be used in place of words like cool dope gangsta trill etc.
"That shit was so Illegal!"
"Whenever me and buddy chill it gets so illegal"
by skr0oface December 20, 2008
The majority of stuff that eDonkey users have downloaded and have evidence of. See MORON, FUCKSTICK
The illegal and incriminating evidence on the hard drive was overwhelming. The 14 year old boy was sent to Juvenile for 3 years, and upon reaching the age of 17, to State Prison for 12 years.
by larstait October 13, 2003
Something that kicks ass.
Dude that show was illegal!
by Mack D & Dor January 24, 2003
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