Under the age of consent for your state. Untouchable.
"Man, I wish I could hit that illegal over there."
"Dude, sixteen will get you twenty."
by jmodum90 April 08, 2008
Any thing fun or good.
every thing fun is illegal, any more need to be said.
by Hoolyo Lugo June 06, 2009
pronounced (i lee-guhl) when speaking in first person about something that's legal for you, in other words if something is illegal for a third person, a first person speaker will say it is i-llegal for them if they are willing to do it giving them the right to express that it is not illegal for the first person speaking.
Thief: yo help me rack this car.
Young man: i would man but its illegal.
Thief: well its i-llegal for me so I'm doing it.
Young man: w.e man if you get busted its on you.
thief: i told you its i-llegal, pigs just don't understand that and that's where problems rest at.
Young man: good luck!
by Mar A.D. November 15, 2010
not legal.
person 1: i just robbed wal-mart.
person 2: that's illegal.
person 1: what's that?
person 2: it means 'not legal'.
person 1: oh, i see.
by captain_obvious. June 17, 2009
Against the law.
Can put you in jail.
I am underage, therefore illegal to any being over 18 years old. Sickos.
by anne on a moose February 15, 2007
1) Something which against the law

2) A sick bird of prey.
1) "How about some crack" "No thanks, it's illegal"

2) "Some bird with diarrhea has ruined my car! By the size of it it must have been an Illegal!"
by Bradderschch May 18, 2010
When something is waaaay to gud to even be legal
Her ass is so fat its illegal , The car look so gud its illegal.
by KejuanFamous January 26, 2015

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