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A particurally fierce male swimmer who looses it when athletes of other sports, usually football or basketball, call swimming a gay pussy sport. Using superior strength and swimmer skills, swiminaters usually procede to beat the shit out of the ball-throwing panzee "athletes".
"Whoa! Did you see that swiminater beat the shit out of the entire football team?"
by huv9pwl;ain June 06, 2005
People (Mexicans) who are in the US illegally.
George W Bush: In order to solve the problem... of illegals in the US... I propose we build a great wall... the likes of which the world has never seen... and on that wall in big bold letters we shall write... BRING IT ON.
by huv9pwl;ain June 21, 2005
Insults directed at blondes usually from brunettes that aren't comfortable with themselves or their natural hair color.
"Doesn't that brunette chick have anything better to do than blonde bashing? She needs to reevaluate her life and get a make-over while she's at it."
by huv9pwl;ain June 21, 2005
A female with brown hair. Typically try to kid themselves into thinking that they're better than blondes.
"All men agree that brunettes should either get some hair dye or kill themselves and rid the world of their presence."
by huv9pwl;ain June 21, 2005

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