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The lack of knowledge of the location of the clitoris.
Also related to lack of sexual experience.
Hey man, are you illcliterate??

I couldn't believe my date last night was illcliterate! It really did ruin the mood.
by Libbs January 30, 2007
Someone who doesn't know how to give orgasms to a girl.
Boy: Did you reach your orgasm?
Girl: No, because you're ill-cliterate.
by Patrick Bateman's fan June 18, 2010
ignorant in the ways of pleasing women sexually
Cynthia Nixon said she chose to be gay because too many men are illcliterate.
by Extremely Cliterate February 02, 2012
1. The inability to read or write any word relating to the female genitalia.
2. Dan Cupps attempting to humiliate a person he believes experiences the inability to stimulate a clitoris properly.
The illcliterate man had not properly satisfied a clitorous that one time.
by Daniel Lewis Cupps October 07, 2009
An adjective to describe someone who cannot sexually please a woman. A play on the word "illiterate".
"Yeah, we went out for a while, but he was totally illcliterate."
by Ericatheprincess September 15, 2014
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