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Originally Mussolini's title for himself during World War II, meaning "the chief" in Italian. (The second word is pronounced 'DOO-cheh'.)

In modern slang, a particularly well-crafted blunt. This sense surely derives from the close similarity of the phrase to "ill dutchy.

Sometimes, by extension, applied to a master craftsman of blunts.
Someone as good as Ian doesn't even go by his own name anymore... to us, he is only "Il Duce".
by Shiney May 23, 2005
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1. Literally means the Chief in italian, term coined by Musolini to describe himself in the seonc world war.

2. Innuendo for the word douche due to remarkable similarity in word construction.
1. "The head of the facist party was Musolini, il Duce."

2. Johnny Tran why are you being such an il duce?
by China Man April 25, 2005
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Literally translates to "The Duce" in English. A name similar to Fuhrer, self proclaimed on Benito Musollini to parallel himself to Adolf Hitler. He was simply Hitler's bitch, lackey and homosexual love interest from the beginning of WWII to the very end. He was removed from office in 1944 and hid in Italy's mountains for months before being rescued by the Germans. He was shot and hanged upside down in 1945 in a town square somwhere in Italy, nobody really gives a shit exactly where it happened.
Herr Adolf: Benevuti, il Duce... (eyes downcast)
Musollini: Bona Serra mi Bella Fuhrer! Mi Bella Adolf...(crying hysterically)
Herr Adolf: "Warum? Warum liebst du mich nicht? Ich hab keine Lust fur diese scheisse..."
Adolf and Benito slowly looked each other in the eyes and found a mutual understanding and clasped hands.
Benito looked ashamed. "Mi dispiache, Adolf..." he says, apologizing for sympathizing with the Allied Forces and pursuing a truce.
"Wir gehen zu Bett jetzt und alle ist sehr gut", Hitler said with a sly, foxy smile and with that tone of boyish charm which once won Rommell "The Desert Fox"'s heart during the war in the Balkans.
(Kissing and butt plugging ensue)
by Mike Potter September 07, 2005
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