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Originally Mussolini's title for himself during World War II, meaning "the chief" in Italian. (The second word is pronounced 'DOO-cheh'.)

In modern slang, a particularly well-crafted blunt. This sense surely derives from the close similarity of the phrase to "ill dutchy.

Sometimes, by extension, applied to a master craftsman of blunts.
Someone as good as Ian doesn't even go by his own name anymore... to us, he is only "Il Duce".
by Shiney May 23, 2005
A Native-American reservation, or a publicly accessible segment thereof, which exists or appears to exist primarily to purvey cheap tobacco products and/or alcohol.
We had to drive two hours out of Vegas to find a halfway decent cigareservation; all the nearer ones have gone upscale.
by Shiney November 25, 2005
Literally, worthy of blogging.

Describes an event, series of events, or (broadly) adventure that would be of general edification, amusement, and/or interest to humanity at large. The term is objective; thus, an adventure only interesting enough to appeal to one's friends or to readers of a blog on a specific topic does not apply.
By the time Don got back from his hard-negotiated eight minutes with Sheila, Mistress of the Thousand Pleasures, the trip to Vegas had become officially blogworthy.
by Shiney June 03, 2006
Abbreviation of weekend. Generally appearing in the phrase "the kend." Likely promulgated by persons using text messages or Blackberries to save three letters of typing.
You know I got MAD plans for the kend!
by Shiney June 15, 2007
To submit oneself to the influence of three mind-altering substances simultaneously, particularly alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.
Sorry man, I can't trifect tonight-- I got work tommorrow. I already been doing lines and boozing all night.
by Shiney May 05, 2005

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