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A blunt (e.g. marijuana rolled into a cigar wrapper), especially one rolled with a Dutch Master Corona. It is preferred over the traditional phillie blunt as it has two layers of tobacco paper which assist in rolling a blunt with good craft (i.e. very neatly).
In the hood, you can roll a fat dutchy of schwag for about $5.... if you're smoking beasters, it'll probably cost you $30, forget it if yer smokin' headies.
by protocoldroid September 14, 2004
a stinky fart, gas. air from the bum
That kid is ripping the dutchies
by ericswill69 July 30, 2006
a spliff rolled with a cardboard filter
pass tha dutchy on tha left hand side
by nowax July 31, 2003
The event of filling a small room or area such as a bathroom or car with sufficient marijuana smoke so that all people participating in the dutchy will become nicely stoned.
Hey fellas lets have a dutchy in your moms car.
by Dabs November 26, 2003
Something very trashy, very ghetto.
Neal's house was very DUTCHY looking after Manuel threw trash all over the lawn.
by Neal November 05, 2003

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