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Usually a funny guy and has a way with the ladies. Known as a Flirt. He is very athletic and usually tall. Also known for having a big penis.
YO dude last night we saw the new kid he was and Idy talking to all those girls
by Drop squad July 25, 2016
Idy is an abbreviation for "I dont, yet" or is simply just a typo you have made for either typing "Idk meaning "I dont Know" or a typo you made by trying to type "I Dont Care".
(Example in a text)

"Hey, have you finished you math homework?"

"No idy"


"I dont, yet"

Example 2)

"Whats the answer to number one in the math paket?"



"Oh sorry, i meant idk"
by Ask_Floofy July 05, 2016
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