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A cross between an idiot and a moron.
Gah! That guy is such an idmo!
by StevoLynn July 07, 2010
3 1

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I Do Men Only
Sorry Mam,IDMO!
by Justin October 16, 2003
9 7
Anagram for "I drink Man Oil", man oil being semen.Usage of this anagram varies by user and mood.
Example 1: Broox is IDMO.
Example 2: You are such an IDMO, STFU nOOb.
Example 3: Being IDMO is next to godliness, unless you"re heterosexual.
by IDMO's Biographer May 11, 2003
2 1
A super sexy man with buns of steel that squeeze like a vice.
I pumped his ass while IDMO squealed like a pig
by parajeeper October 16, 2003
2 2
the sexiest man alive, a.k.a. the big dicked daddy from cincinnati
i fucked IDMO like i've never fucked before
by IDMO's lover March 12, 2003
3 6
Teh one whom I trewly heart.
I heart IDMO
by IDMO hearter May 11, 2003
2 6
The guy whose head I live in, rent free.
The only winner here is me, because I live in IDMO's head rent free! SING IT!
by Cop2BeInPhx May 07, 2003
1 6