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idgaf - i don't give a f*ck
used once again by the lazy tossers who can't be bothered to type let alone think of a decent response to any form of comment directed at them.
<jim> christ bob you suck at <xyz>
<bob> idgaf tbh
by jonsae April 02, 2003
755 200
An acronym for 'I don't give a fuck'.


Used when you don't care about something, or have no opinion on a matter.

Sometimes used without the 'i', ie "I dgaf about her".
Person 1: Hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend
Person 2: idgaf
by Skyler Fowler August 13, 2007
9648 1706
a shorter way of saying "I don't give a fuck"
"i thought you were grounded"
by ferferrr February 27, 2008
1254 213
MORE than just an abbreviation for "I Dont Give A Fuck." IDGAF is an attitude..a brazen spirit...A state of mind..

To be IDGAF is to have high energy that's legit, charismatic and ultimately, positive in every way. In no way is it negative, as long as it is used with moderation and consideration of the environment. (for example being sexually assertive idgaf on a first date may not be the best idea, unless you know she's into it ;)

IDGAF-ery is a common trait among ballers, musicians, pimps, sensual lovers, dancers and MLBCs.
Nick: "c'mon John, this is the last bus that gets us across town, I'm not gonna rap and break dance down the bus aisle while you be droppin' beats...we'll get all kinds of annoyed responses and probably get us kicked off."

John: "hey man, IDGAF!!! No worries."
by greenfairy6969 February 11, 2009
1152 204
I don't give a fuck.
<r4y> man, do you know brawny pissed all over his laptop
<eth0x1> idgaf
<r4y> 0_o
by eth0x1 May 09, 2008
964 163
idgaf stands for "i dont give a fuck"
listen man..idgaf about your girlfriends problems
by mfea March 09, 2008
820 150
I don't give a fuck
something to say when someone is bugging you about something you don't care.
AnnoyingP3rson91: hey, you know what that girl in school did?
IdgafAboutThat: Read my screen name.
by Offlineuser January 17, 2009
681 85