an acronym for "i don't give a fuck" usually used during IMing for text messaging.
Bob: Hey sorry about what that loser said to u earlier.

Jill: Its okay, idgaf anyways
by Allegrah Simmons June 27, 2010
I dont give a fuck
person 1: I just got a new outfit at the mall today!
person 2: idgaf
by finechic July 15, 2011
I Don't Give a Fuck.
When somebody says this, they usually DO give a fuck. They're just trying to tell themselves that they don't, or to affirm their own confidence in themselves against whatever situation or person happens to be their opponent.
Also, a kind of insensitive way to responding to a situation when silence may be a more effective way to convey your meaning.
-Dude, your girlfriend's cheating on you.

-I may or may not be a bully. IDGAF.

-I'm dying Squirtle.
by British Swingmaster August 18, 2011
I don't give a fuck
Uh-oh, Prajesh has got his IDGAF face on again.
by Dave Mendoza February 02, 2009
It means " I dont give a fuck!"

It also is a song by the Techno/alternative/punk/scene/scremo band BOTDF
which means- "Blood on the Dance Floor"
Example #1
person 1- "Guess what? I started my period last night!!!"
person 2- "IDGAF"
person 1- "OMG i just heard the song IDGAF by BOTDF!!!"
person 2- "i love that song!!"
by Sex_Kitten February 07, 2012
An acronyme for "I Don't Give A Fuck".
Rachel: I totally made that up myself!
Silas: IDGAF, lady.
by Silas Coke January 31, 2011
"I Don't give a fuck"; when you don't care
"Idgaf," said the man calmly tossing snakes aside in the cobra pit.
by Moca-Moco February 04, 2015

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