acronym for i dont give a fuck, i dont giva fut, or any combination of not giving a fuck-ness, great to yell out in a crowd, "I DONT GIVA FUCK!"
someone asked me what i thought about global warming
i said i.d.g.a.f gtfo my face bitch
by DJslayer66 August 06, 2008
I Dont Give A Fucking Shit
hey thats great, to bad IDGAFS
by Adam IDGAFS January 30, 2004
IDGAF- I dont give a fuck, used when someone is rambling about something you dont care about.
"oh and today i had toast then i brushed my teeth..."
by 1337estH4ax0r July 02, 2009

Quick way of telling someone you don't care or to shutup.
- "So today I went to the mall right..."
- "IDGAF!"
by NYC4BX June 06, 2009
Quick way of saying I Dont Give A Fuck

Or a song by the band Breathe Carolina
Person 1: "Hey did you do the math hw?"
Person 2: "No but idgaf."

Person 1:"Hey do you listen to Breathe Carolina?"
Person 2: "Yeah! Whats your favorite song by them?"
Person 1: "Probably idgaf. Its so catchy!"
by smilesforever28 June 05, 2010
I don't give a fuck. Used in texting someone, when you really don't care.
Sally: OMG! Mikes asked me out last nite!
Rachael: really? Cuase, IDGAF
by Bobby Brown #2 November 23, 2008
means i dont give a fuck
Sitting outside near bonfire.

Person #1: yo your legs on fire
Person #2: idgaf! (continues to eat his smores)
by GASSY23JR September 02, 2010

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