It means " I dont give a fuck!"

It also is a song by the Techno/alternative/punk/scene/scremo band BOTDF
which means- "Blood on the Dance Floor"
Example #1
person 1- "Guess what? I started my period last night!!!"
person 2- "IDGAF"
person 1- "OMG i just heard the song IDGAF by BOTDF!!!"
person 2- "i love that song!!"
by Sex_Kitten February 07, 2012
short for 'I Don't Give A Fuck'

there are two forms of it- a response to any insult thrown at you, or a mental state of mind normally accompanied by a reckless state of acting like yourself unashamedly.
her: you suck
him: if i do, it not gonna be you. IDGAF

P. 1: Have you seen Derrick today? Hes acting like we're at a party, not like we're at school. talkin crazy shit and everything
P. 2: Hes clearly in an IDGAF state of mind today.
by smallwonder March 28, 2011
a text phrase meanning "i don't give a fuck"
Tim: Look its George Bush!

Sarah: IDGAF!
by pizzadude432 April 13, 2010
I don't give a fuck
Alexis: Shit man we got detention tomorrow! I got basketball practice tomorrow
Blaine:Idgaf I can just skip, she won't do shit
by aebrellim May 05, 2016
I don't give a fucken shit .
Lara -- Heeey , liike ohemmgeee ! DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID ..!!

Jordan -- ''sighs '' no , lara i didnt ... what did he do now ..


Lara -- he just gave me a look ... ! omfg im soo pissed @ him !!

Jordan -- you no what idgafs lara ...
by 143-ily March 26, 2010
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