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A 'modestly priced' beer that has 5.5 percent alcohol. Get a keg of Icehouse, tell everyone its Miller Lite, and watch how quick everyone gets fucked up.
"This Icehouse doesn't taste to bad tonight."
"Sshh. It's Bud Light remember?"
by D-Heavy June 25, 2005
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bar (often without liquor license) that sells beer, wine, and set-ups; in the South, a drinking establishment that may lack exterior walls for an open air effect
Bubba and the Blues Dawgs are playing at Tubby's Icehouse.
by Jen Davis May 27, 2006
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A beer that will make everyone in the entire facinity of it want to fight everyone else. Simply put, it makes you angry.
That Icehouse made me want to kick some ass.
by Jizzil Dizzil January 03, 2006
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1. cheap freshman/sophomore beer
2. the "starting point" of college drinking. you usually never go back.
3. the only beer you can hide in your attic or trunk, forget for two weeks, and still want to drink.
Leroy: What should we drink tonight?

Bubba: I've got five bucks...let's get a party pack of icehouse!
by Quigley D. November 15, 2007
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If you're reading this, you shouldn't have to ask. If you have to ask, it's similar to 'cool'. But more spiffy.
The new VH is sugoi tres grande uber icehouse!
by QuidditchWitch February 04, 2003
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'Ahees haus' n. Urinal excrement pumped into a pre cooled keg to recycle beer piss into a "drinkable" alcoholic beverage.
I wanted to drink beer this weeked, but instead I made a terrible life decision to drink icehouse.
by pungkram April 22, 2010
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Whenever we drink icehouse, bad shit happens. It is cursed.
by icehouse November 07, 2010
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