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3 definitions by pungkram

Slimy sweat on the testicles. Usually formed by jogging or working in a hot kitchen for over nine hours.
I ran for thirty minutes in the jungle and not to any surprise I got swampcrotch.
by pungkram April 22, 2010
5 1
1.Failed to not have been fucked. 2. Having been fucked so hard that life itself seems indifferent or useless.
1. I tried to avoid pissing off the roidhead, but I was bumblefucked the minute he saw my average sized penis. 2. Bumblefucked, I fell off a cliff and was eaten by wolves while teenagers preached their ultimate wisdom for eternity.
by pungkram April 22, 2010
5 2
'Ahees haus' n. Urinal excrement pumped into a pre cooled keg to recycle beer piss into a "drinkable" alcoholic beverage.
I wanted to drink beer this weeked, but instead I made a terrible life decision to drink icehouse.
by pungkram April 22, 2010
10 13