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A 'modestly priced' beer that has 5.5 percent alcohol. Get a keg of Icehouse, tell everyone its Miller Lite, and watch how quick everyone gets fucked up.
"This Icehouse doesn't taste to bad tonight."
"Sshh. It's Bud Light remember?"
by D-Heavy June 25, 2005
1. Budweiser beer.

2. The least expensive of Johnny Walker Scotch Whiskey.
"Hey come on over were partying with a keg of the red label."
by D-Heavy June 25, 2005
Being very close to acomplishing a goal. A synonym to the expression "knocking on the door"
"Don't call this late, the cutoff is 9:00"

"But its 8:50... I'm right in the wheelhouse."
by D-Heavy June 25, 2005

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