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Net nerd version of "thank you"
n00b: "lol ty 4 tha pix!"
by Dean March 27, 2005
The home of some of the best food, cars, fashion, and shotguns in the world.
The Benelli M4 shotgun kicks ass.
by Dean March 23, 2003
The coolest person alive, also a Greek.
Woah. You know Constantine G? No way.
by Dean February 16, 2005
A slang term for the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). One of the world's most well known police forces.

They are known for their bright red uniforms, but unkown to most people, those uniforms aren't actually used in every day work.. They are FORMAL dress
Hide the weed dude, here come the mounties
by Dean December 11, 2003
The male genitals.
Females have Wobbly bits, Males have Dangly bits.
by Dean September 18, 2003
Masturbatory term.

See also:
stroking the sausage
whacking the mole
petting the weasel
spanking the monkey
flogging the dolphin
tickling the pickle
shizzling the nizzle
playing the skin flute
cream-filling the donut
"I spent all last night slapping the meat."
by Dean March 25, 2005
one of the best standard issue assualt rifle in world... you just need to keep it clean.
The M16A2 ownz that ugly AK74SU!
by Dean August 04, 2003
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