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A derogatory term for Eskimo.
That polar bear just tore down 3 igloos and ate all the ice niggers inside.
by Tinklefactor April 02, 2009
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A derogatory name for any person of Canadian decent. In areas of Canada where poverty and street violence is heavy, it is not odd to find different races calling each other ice nigga or ice dawg. For a non Canadian to call a Canadian this is a racial term.
American: He is from Montreal, what an Ice Nigger.
by Americana1775 June 26, 2013
Person who has lived in canada for mare than 3 days
Andrew is an ice-nigger
by Me April 12, 2005
An Alaskan native, more commonly known as an Eskimo. An insane, primitive people known for their thievery and misuse of alcohol and drugs. Many are easy lays who give great blow jobs due to a widespread lack of dental hygiene in their tribes. Keep your booze away from Alaskan natives.
joe: oh hey nick, look at that ice nigger over there behind the liquor store.

will: yeah nick, i fucked her.
by gligger January 05, 2010
Nigger from Alaska or any of the world's poles.
"Santa is an Ice-Nigger
by God February 24, 2005
Ic.Nig. Generally used as Canadian Ice Nigger.

Canadian Ice Nigger:
A Canadian Ice Nigger is often know as a canadian with african decent.
To be called a Canadian Ice Nigger, you must enjoy cold areas in Northern Canada. Ice niggers tend to be greedy basterds, that cheat steal and lie.

You know you have seen a Canadian Ice Nigger when:
A You see a African man in Northern Canada.
+ Greedy
+ Cheap
+ Shard Teeth for biting their way out of handcuffs.
+ Not Sensitive.

B If you see a Northern Canadian With African decent steeling your cloths, it's an Canadian Ice Nigger.

C When you see three "Gangsters" wearing a toque and try to call it ">G.".
That Damn Canadian Ice Nigger Stole My Food!

Too Many Canadian Ice Niggers In This City.

Justin Is A Canadian Ice Nigger.
by |TNO| Mr. Anderson July 28, 2006
a commonly used name for a short, fat, african/american lookin fool AKA Ice Cube the rapper. commonly found in groups of gang members some which have aids. one of thes is another gang member formally known as easy E the rapper with HIV AKA Easy Aids, now deceased.
"crazy mutha fucka named ice nigger comming from a gang called niggaz with aids".
by Shlongus The Pillager July 10, 2008

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