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The tip of your dick. A.K.A The head.
"Dude, i jerk it without rubbing the fallas!"
-"Weird ass."
by mickeyyyy December 19, 2007

weed in farsi is allaf

falla is just allaf spelled backwards

nice trick huh.
you got any falla?

you fallaed?
by arya August 25, 2004
This is a cigarette in birmingham street slang.
Have you got a (falla)? Or do you sell (falla's) here.
by Cigarette July 27, 2007
Falla means someone from a film is rather silly, pointless or crappy. My brother recorded the film 'The Great gatsby'. I wrote on the video casette 'Gatsby is a Falla!'
Gatsby is a Falla, Michael Caune is a Falla
by Bonny Bobby Shafto April 29, 2004
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