Any product made by the Apple Corporation.
She was hoping to get a bunch of ishit for Christmas.
by daddybearluvsyou January 28, 2010
Listening to your ipod, playing with your iphone or any apple product while taking a shit!
Man i can sit on the toilet for hours while taking an ishit!
by elo650 December 21, 2007
misc apple products and programs
"You going to lunch with us?"

"No, i have to get down to the apple store and pick up some more iShit"


"Ahhh! My iShit's broken!"
by Kaikea September 12, 2008
To wear an ipod while shitting in a public restroom in order to distract the mind from the potential embarassment of making loud, wet bowel movements. Also confers the added benefit of muting the bowel sounds of fellow shitters.

Can be used as both noun and verb.
(Marcel puts on headphones)
Corey: Dude, you going to the gym?
Marcel: No, i'm going to go take an iShit.

As Aaron sat on the toilet, he heard the faint tracings of "Liberian Girl" by Michael Jackson echoing off the bathroom walls. He instantly knew that Marcel was in the stall next to him, iShitting.
by Sir Squishy March 07, 2008
Apple's next product (no matter what it is).
Dude, are you getting the new iShit?

Isn't everybody?
by twajjo January 11, 2012
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