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Mother in Indian Language
Specially in Bengali
Amar Maa Shob Cheye Bhalo
by Srirup Das February 28, 2006
a mispronounced last name.
teacher: is billy maas here today? (maas pronounced like mass)

bertha: its billy mAAs. (pronounced like moss)
by dearjohnn.... February 04, 2010
Acronym for "mad annoying asian". Any person of asian descent that pisses you off.
"Yo, that maa is pissin me off!"
by Dorian C. March 09, 2007
Used to express dissatisfaction or boredom. This sucks.
Maa...i just want to get this paper over with!
by dk February 23, 2005
The art of having sex without barely any movement or noise, usually when you have a roommate sleeping a few feet away. Only to be used as a last resort.
My roommate thought I was asleep, so he and his girlfriend totally did a maa.

My girlfriend's roommate was over, so I had to settle for a maa.
by boobycock March 09, 2009
Acronym for Minor Attracted Adult - an adult who is attracted (usually sexually, but often in other ways as well) to persons who are legally considered minors. Most men are MAAs, because most men are sexually attracted to 16-year-old girls, and in most jurisdictions 16-year-old girls are minors.
Forty-year-old Bob realized that he was an MAA when he noticed that every time he had sex with his new girl friend, he was actually fantasizing about having sex with her 16-year-old daughter.
by GL Dude August 11, 2006
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