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A lot of the people on this site are obviously poor and cannot afford an iPod. The battery only loses capacity if you charge it like a mother fucker. And it's only $59 to replace. It's lithium based. You guys are just piss poor assholes making up lies to stop people from buying iPods because you can't afford them. Another misconception is that you have to pay iTunes $.99 everytime you add a song. HAHAHA, whoever does that is just a moron. All you have to do is download the songs and then add them to your iTunes library and in a matter of seconds they're on your iPod.
Person1: iPods totally suck because of the battery. It cost like $438953458839 to replace it!! And You have to pay $.99 a song!
Me: You're poor and making up lies.
by ikilledjez August 08, 2005

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