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That one guy from Dragonball Z that has an extra third eye on his forehead.
Girl 1: Like OMG Tien was totally checking me out with his third eye!

Girl 2: Ugh, you lucky biatch!
by candyland717 July 10, 2008
That really good feeling you get in your ears when you listen to awesome music.
OMG I was listening to School Boy Humor yesterday and I got an ear orgy.
by candyland717 November 17, 2008
Mp3 player created by Steve Jobs. Price gets higher as product gets smaller. Has way too much space that never actually gets used.
Guy 1: Hey, check out my new iPod! It cost me $400!
Guy 2: Damn, that thing is tiny! Check mine out, it cost $200!
Guy 1: Woah, what a fatass iPod!
by candyland717 July 10, 2008
Child labor
Guy 1: Check out my new Nike shoes! They were made by underpaid little children!

Guy 2: That's awesome! I should go buy some!

Guy 1: Yay! BFFS for life!!!
by candyland717 July 10, 2008
That one guy who always appears first on your myspace friends list. Most people will delete him. Loners will keep him, for they have no actual friends to add. If it wasn't for him, that one girl who comitted suicide because of her fake online boyfriend would still be alive right now.
Loner girl (commenting Tom's profile): lyk omg tom! did u kno ur on my top 5??? comment me back pls!
by candyland717 July 10, 2008

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