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Pause in the middle of a conversation when your friend pauses to look at their iDevice. Usually followed by a "what did you say?"
Friend 1: Hey what do you want to do tonight?
Friend 2: ..."iPause"
Friend 1: Do you want to grab dinner?
Friend 2: ..."iPause"... What did you say?
by EMPTYKIM May 01, 2012
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iPause: The period of time between when the light turns green and the driver in the front of the line of cars looks up from his iPod or iPhone and pulls away from the light. This is usually preceded by the person behind them honking their horn.
I cannot believe the amount of iPause time I waste on a typical commute.
by rivetrod February 19, 2012
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Verb- The act of having to pause ones portable music player to enable them to hear what another is saying to them.
Derek- "So, mike was trying to talk to me while I had my headphones in."
Justin- "Oh, thats the worst."
Derek- "Yeah, I had to iPause... I was pissed."
Justin- "Yeah, I bet... I hate when someone interrupts my music!"
by Shawn_Stunner February 25, 2010
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