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Any otherwise "normal" electrical device that is rendered uber-cool simply because it was manufactured by Apple and they put an "i" in front of it. Typically, they do nothing that other maker's devices don't do but they are more expensive. iDevices breed iDouches.
iDouche: Hey, John. Check out my new iRemote. Fuckin' $600!
Normal person: Never heard of that iDevice. What's it do?
iD: It controls all my AV components.
NP: Hmmm... I've had a Harmony One remote for a long time. Controls everything as well. $200!
iD: But your's isn't an iRemote.
NP: Does the iRemote do anything mine doesn't?
iD: No, but it's an iRemote.
NP: You're a fucking idiot.
by big0mike January 27, 2010
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A ridiculously expensive device that people buy because it's shiny and made by apple. And then when it is rendered obselete (in about a year) people say "fuck it, i'm switching to android."
Andrew: Hey Bob! Look at my new iPad! It cost me $600, and it's made by Apple!
Bob: That's nice, but I switched to Android. I didn't really like the iDevice limitations. My tablet costed me $300, and I can plug USB devices in it.
Andrew: But my iPad was made by Apple!
Bob: Is that the iPad 3? Apple just released a new model with a different charging port.
Andrew: See ya later, I gotta go to the Apple store.
by lolinternetopp December 13, 2012
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