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1. The word someone uses for an mp3 player when:
A) they think the name for an mp3 player made by Apple is an Ipad
B) they think that every mp3 player is made by Apple

2. A patch that you may use to cover your eyes for various reasons. It is sometimes used mistakenly by people trying to refer to mp3 players.
1. "whoa! dude, why do you have three ipads? don't you only need one?"

2. "No, I need to cover both of my eyes, and my pirate friend needs one too."
by 1_uca March 13, 2005
17 57
Apple's newest production. It's sure to restructure education and the way we read.
Adam: I can't wait to get my new iPad! I'm going to be so cool! Now people won't make fun of me for reading books!

Jack: Yeah! Now they'll just call you an Apple Geek which is WAY better than a bookworm!
by Applegeek January 27, 2010
25 83
Apple's new tablet PC. Strange name. Maybe it will be the best Apple product, period.
Can you get a Maxi iPad?
by libala January 27, 2010
38 110
A revolutionary tablet designed by Apple with a slick interface. It fits the gap between the iPhone and the MacBook.
I like checking e-mail on the couch with my iPad.
by Stozball January 27, 2010
37 157