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When the lucky people that own an IPod Touch or an iPhone commence in a high five with there ipods because how awesome they are for having an Ipod Touchs or iPhones. also known as an iPhive
Dude!! I didn't know you had an itouch! iFive!!!!!!!
by Freddy's Cougar November 01, 2009
When two or more people high-five with their iPhone 5's in celebration of connecting with each other.
Hey, that's a sweet iPhone 5 you got there. *iFive*
by Mr_Hrnandz September 20, 2012
High five using iPhones instead of palms.
That's Awesome!
Dude, not so hard! You'll break my screen!

copyright Peace Camel & Thefatman
by thebassman666 November 22, 2010
1. Pleasuring oneself while driving on an interstate, expressway, or highway.
2. Jerking off in the middle of traffic – particularly a stop light.
"Dude, the trip flew by so fast after I got off on the I-five."
by The Black Moth August 11, 2008
A high five over the internet.
IM Log
Guy 1: Hey man I got laid last night.
Guy 2: Sweet man, iFive.
by ODST January 08, 2010
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