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an incredibly powerful pokemon with the ability to to incredible attacks such as special doof cannon and --. it often hangs out with lucario.
bidoof once walked into a bar. the world exploded. one planet cannot contain that much awesome.
by ODST May 29, 2008
The step that comes after ?????
Step 1: Obtain Rednecks
Step 2: Abduct them
Step 3: Analy Probe them.
Step 4: ?????
Step 5: Profit
by ODST January 01, 2010
On the internet, lol can be placed any and everywhere in a sentence and the sentence will still make sense.
Example of Rule lol
A: Hey lol
B: lol hey
A: lol how you doing lol
B: I'm doing good lol. Lol how bout you lol?
A: lol i'm doing good too lol.
by ODST September 03, 2009
The maximum number of members that an internet community can have before it becomes unrecognizable by the original members. Eventually all communities will reach internet capacity, usually withing 5-6 years of being founded.
A: Hey have you been to insert forum they used to frequent here lately?
B: No, I haven't. Why?
A: Its completely reached internet capacity, it sucks now.
B: Twas inevitable I guess.
by ODST December 07, 2009
A high five over the internet.
IM Log
Guy 1: Hey man I got laid last night.
Guy 2: Sweet man, iFive.
by ODST January 08, 2010
A large collection of kids and people way too damn old to play pokemon worshipping a fat guy and his mom.
Who's that nub with a pikachu avatar?
Some nub from the marriland forum.
by ODST August 04, 2009
An adjective to show that someone is being annoying, a bitch, dumbass, dickshitting pussyface, etc.
Stop being a Dudeman!
by ODST May 28, 2008
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