The pain that occurs in your finger from using devices such as an iPhone, iPad or other touchscreen devices.
The doctor ordered limited touchscreen use to treat Johnny's bad case of iFinger.
by Creativegreggae June 24, 2011
Top Definition
It's the finger(s) you purposely keep clean when you eat something messy so you could operate your touchscreen smartphone/tablet/GPS without making the screen look like your plate.
These ribs are delicious and messy, but I have to keep my pinky clean cause its my iFinger.
by jessenj January 15, 2012
what you give when someone is bragging about their new icrap.
iderp: duh look at my new Ipad. It's just like the iphone I also have but it's bigger and more expensive and even crappier
me: here's my iFinger
by masteroffire January 30, 2012
An adult, plastic toy developed by Apple to provide special customer service. Known as Steve Job's last great innovation.
1. My iFinger is too big. Hopefully Apple will make the iFinger 2 smaller
by James Holster December 06, 2012
When your thumb shakes when holding an iPhone
Dack: Dude, what's wrong with your finger?
Jack: It's just my iFinger
by YeOldeBonkBoy August 10, 2016
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