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A phone that looks and acts like an iPhone, but isn't made by apple.
"Hey did you see the new Sprint Instinct?"
"Oh the new iFaux? Yeah."
"But the Instinct has a slide out keyboard for texting."
by Darcelynn July 23, 2008
iFaux is any phone designed to look like the iPhone but runs on a cheaper network, or made by a lesser producer ie, LG or Samsung
Did you see the new iFaux from Sprint? I bet it's just a pretty screen and a window's operating system...
by Dr. Duffman July 10, 2008
Lame imitation phones that are supposed to be like the iphone, but from a distance looks the same. Of course up close they totally expose their inability to keep up with the cool factor - or pick up chicks!
Dude, you got an iphone!
Nah, its a blackberry. Its like an iPhone.
So you got an iFaux? Had to save that $50 bucks huh?
Sucks to be you!
Yeah, but it looked good from across the room though.
by Bosco Skeffington III February 16, 2010

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