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At the time.
Michael: ATT, it didn't bother me...
#att #atm #at the time #at the minute #cttoi
by MyUDpseudonym September 25, 2010
All The Time.
My friends and I usually get mcdicks after school ATT.
#all #the #time #att #text
by Perrytheduck January 03, 2012
acronym for At This Time
"Can't talk ATT"
#a.t.t. #at this time #att #acronym #initialism
by in the land of make believe August 21, 2009
A girl that tries to act like a slut, but Isn't.
And skins out in front of man, and stick out her butt.
Alesha stood in front of Douglas and pulled her skirt up intentionally

"She's Atts" Freddie whispered to Douglas
"Truss me" Douglas said
#sket #slag #girls #boys #slut
by Shoot_Em October 03, 2014
1. a word describing kids with attitude.
2. a rockish scene. (the new emo)
3. mainly used as an adjective for something amazing, awesome, thought provoking, or nonconforming.
1. dude, that girl just walked out of class! she is soo ATT.
2. oh my god, that haircut is so fucking ATT! what a badass.
3. adj; that is one ATT guitar.
#attitude #at #emo #rock #badass #nonconformist
by Lizbeth Fisher January 06, 2007
A small monkey like creature. Posible the missing link. Full name Att Elton Yuwana.
Att is anoying.
by Alex May 09, 2004
the beautiful ass of a girl
Dayum, you got a fine at!!!!!
by Andy Do May 12, 2004
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