A person that sits endlessly playing with their iPhone/pad in the presence of others
Oi, iCunt! Can you put that thing down for 5 seconds so we can have a conversation?
by belelesh July 13, 2010
Top Definition
an individual who endlessly poses with their ipod
iCunt: look at me, i have an iPod, mnahmnahmnah

normal person: fuck off you iCunt
by ~*~twunt~*~ October 27, 2005
An irritating iPhone user who endlessly tinkers on it. A worst case senario: somebody at a wedding who cuts in front of or hovers behind or puts their wide load arse in the way of a CONTRACTED photographer at a wedding.
Me: "I couldn't get the shot!!! Some iCunt got in the way!!!!" And as a result, photographer panics becuase some iCunt doesn't realise it's their JOB to take the freaking shots ...
by Snezzle March 14, 2014
possibly meant as "i can't"
<xana> build tawer
<mix_sota> i cunt
by <AMS>SILVER August 07, 2008
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