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Promising good fortune; propitious.
The news that a team of British climbers had reached the summit of Everest seemed an auspicious sign for the reign of newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II.
by LarstaiT November 10, 2003
49 25

Promising well for future: marked by lucky signs or good omens, and therefore by the promise of success or happiness.

The later school days of my friend were as auspicious as the first.
by Jafje September 11, 2007
24 14
good, or favorable.
He made an auspicious beginning by getting an A.
by nekyo September 04, 2003
22 14
Something that you expected would seem extremely stupid to do, but you just did it anyway.
I knew it was auspicious to hop in the homies brand new 2003 Honda Civic with the club on the stering wheel.
by e.jones niggaa March 01, 2004
5 42