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sms text message i124q = i one two four Q = i want to fuck you.
(say it quick for best results).
read dis n tink bout it - i124q - txt me bak with yr answer ;)
by mohair June 02, 2007
Meaning I want to fuck you. A way to express one's desire for fucking another.Say it out loudly and proudly .
Cibi :ok honey, i've gotta go

Yu Chen :Wait, i 1 2 4 q !!!

Cibi :...what does that mean?...

Yu Chen : it means i want to fuck you <3.

Cibi : Come to my place now !!!
by Cupcke27 December 03, 2011
a term oftentimes used as a replacement for "i want to fork you"
Text message from Billy:i 1 2 4 q

Jesus: "Fuck you billy ill turn you into a frog"
by Hairytaint May 06, 2010
If you read each letter and number as they are, you actually say: "I want to fuck you"
boy: i124q!
girl: later
by galitay122 March 13, 2016
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