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A term used to express approval, especially to the point of expressing a person's sex appeal; often used sarcastically
Person 1: Did you see that chick?
Person 2: I'd tap that!
by Merovingian July 23, 2005
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When someone sees a nice refreshing river, they say "I'd tap that", meaning, they'd like to put a plumbing system in and "tap" the water supply.
Frank: Wow, look at that lovely river.
Anne: I'd tap that!
#tap #that #sex #river #fresh #plumbing
by dannybolabo February 26, 2008
Expression used to show interest or appeal in ones sexual appearance.
John: Hey Mike, check out this hot new pic of Katie off of Facebook!

Mike: I'd tap that!
#i'd #tap #that #sex #sexy #appeal
by leesoer May 21, 2009
A phrase used in a sexual appeal to someone/something.

It's origin comes from back in the old days when a farmer would shove a tap in a tree to get syrup. people today use the "tap" to name their penis.
"Woh, see that chick's ass man?"
"Yeah dude, I'd tap that!"
#penis #tree #tap #fuck #sex #girl
by HJxJJ March 03, 2012
The phrase "I'd tap that" is slang, used to express the sex appeal of another. Often this phrase is used sarcastically, when the referenced chick is beat (ugly).
"Damn, look at those tits!" "I'd tap that!"
"Holy shit that chick is beat!" "LOL I'd tap that."
#i'd #tap #that #chick #sex appeal #beat #sarcasm
by PseudoName123 September 16, 2008
tap or hit or spank a girls butt.
butt id tap that spank "Hey Billy, Kelly has a nice butt, dont you think so?" "Yea, id tap that"
#id hit that #butt #booty #id touch that #id smack that
by redpsp1020 March 04, 2009
Used to describe an iPhone or Android game that is enjoyable to play.
I'd tap that Angry Birds game
#iphone #android #mobile games #desirable #fun
by [Judas] July 09, 2014
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