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A phrase used in a sexual appeal to someone/something.

It's origin comes from back in the old days when a farmer would shove a tap in a tree to get syrup. people today use the "tap" to name their penis.
"Woh, see that chick's ass man?"
"Yeah dude, I'd tap that!"
by HJxJJ March 03, 2012
1. The action of having sex with yourself by rubbing your penis to when it sperms...

2. The point of pleasuring yourself...

3. A first sexual move that a teenager (mainly) would do (see 1.)

4. Acting like a kid named Jack...
Woh, what happened to you? You're sweating like crazy dude!

I don't want to talk about it...

C'mon! Tell me!

Alright, you know Megan that huge-titied girl?


Well, she was at the pool, and she was so HOT! So, I went into the restroom, and I started Jackin' myself...

Oh... Well that's understandable!
by HJxJJ April 25, 2011
A baby black person, usually at the ages from birth to 5 months...
Man, yesterday I saw a black, teenage mom and her cute little nigglet at the park...
by HJxJJ October 08, 2011

1. A person who gets high alot.

2. A person who sells drugs that makes the buyers high.
Woh dude, that guy has fucktons of pot! He sure is a stoner!
by HJxJJ November 20, 2011
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