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A term used to express approval, especially to the point of expressing a person's sex appeal; often used sarcastically
Person 1: Did you see that chick?
Person 2: I'd tap that!
by Merovingian July 23, 2005
A 4chan meme used to incur fear, mostly sarcastically
Poster 1: I've been pwned!
Poster 2: Indeed. Where is your god now?
by Merovingian July 23, 2005
A 4chan meme that expresses contempt and disapproval
Poster 1: WOW THAT"S HAWT!
Poster 2: Yeah... sure it is. Enjoy your AIDS.
by Merovingian July 23, 2005
An exclamation of happiness and approval
Person 1: The new {insert band name here} CD just came out.
Person 2: Oh hells yeah!
by Merovingian July 23, 2005
The act of using an image software application, especially Adobe Photoshop, to manipulate an image, usually for comedic reasons

See also:
photoshop, shop
Websites such as Something Awful and Fark are well-known for photoshopping contests
by Merovingian July 23, 2005
An adverb meaning "completely"
Let's get you cleaned up good and proper!
by Merovingian July 23, 2005
A phrase of obvious sarcasm, used in message boards and the like, to point out that a previous post was not funny even though the creator of the unfunny post thought it was.

See also:
STFU, GTFO, gb2/
Poster 1: Hay guys I just insulted some kid in an online forum! HAHAHAHAHA

Poster 2: I see what you did there.
by Merovingian July 23, 2005
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