antonymy; simply put,an opposite result to an otherwise apparent pretense.
Hypocrisy is preaching good while at the same time practicing evil.
by James November 17, 2003
1. (n) The state of being a hypicrite.

2. (n) One who pretends to be religious, smart, honest, loyal, noteworthy, sympathetic, kind, etc. without actually being so.

3. (adj) being or being associated with a hypocrite.
All hypocrates are sentanced to spend the rest of eternity in hell for their evil contradicting ways.

Hypocracy is the root of all evil in politics.
by Jo November 21, 2003
Where one person bugs the fuck out when their ex-partner is hanging out (& hooking up) with a new partner..with kicks to the nuts & punches to the face..., followed by make-up sex and promises of a future together...,,, but soon after goes gold digging... looking for any fool to buy her a house and take her on dates (while she has her multiple baby-daddies look after her kids)...
My kid's mum is a fucking class A example of hypocrisy.
#hypocrite #liar #cunt #slut #whore
by BlahBlahBlahBlahBlahCunt December 02, 2013
Hypocrisy: Pat Robertson lamenting America's turn to Mammon.
The 700 Club is such hypocrisy it wouldn't last a second in Europe.
#oily #slick #oil brat #pharisee #grin #holier than thou #decadent #lost
by Fearman May 24, 2008
Being someone beautiful, and everyone is hating on you waiting for you to mess up.
She is so hypocrisy, i mean everyone hates her on her beauty.
#people #fake #rude #liars #losers
by pimple beard. December 10, 2010
What makes evil socially unacceptable.
Hypocrisy: Don't that, thats bad.
#evil #lie #society #selfish #elite
by Hypocrite May 31, 2007
When there is a double standard for good people to actually fail no matter what they do or try to do or dont do. When bad people come out of any circumstance no matter what they do because they have nobody that controls them at all.
Obama actually uses the CIA and FBI to abduct innocent people to get them to use as bait for bad guys who want to help them out because of an association with them. Hypocrisy is when things happen to good people because they care too much.
#corporations #bush #obama #frankenfaith #hypocracy #mafia #kumar
by rohkumar2 March 26, 2010
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