Hypocrisy is the act of saying that you are against certain beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards; yet you actually do it.
Fox News claims that they are “Fair and Balanced” and accuse other networks of having a “Liberal Bias” while in the same time they have a “Conservative Bias”. Hypocrisy at it's finest.
#hypocrite #idiot #fail #no u #beliefs #opinions #virtues #feelings #qualities #standards #fair and balanced #unfair #unbalanced #fox news
by GHSDS October 22, 2009
The act of condemning an act when it is done by other people while not doing so when the exact same act is performed by a person or a certain group of people or organizations.
Recently George W. Bush admitted on tape that he smoked marijuana]. The silence from the right is deafing, but several years ago when Clinton admitted that he smoked but didn't inhale the right nearly crucified him.
by jesster79 February 21, 2005
When someone does something openly that is looks good to others, when in reality they have disturbing, disgusting, destructive and nasty intentions
Judas was a hypocrite that sold out Jesus even though he got so much from him. He just wanted money. The government sells people to corporations because of hypocrisy of people at the top.
#judas #noel chomsky #benedict arnold #mafia #government
by rohkumar2 March 28, 2010
A fatal flaw your average parent posses.
parent: I smoked marijuana by the bulk when i was 14, but you son unfortunately can't
son: why not? you did it.
parent: because i said so, now go study or you'll end up disappointing me with your bad grades.
son: why? you disappointed your parents and dropped out of school. thats total hypocrisy!
parent: just do it! now I'm going spark one up on the balcony, remember drugs and smoking are bad!
#hypocrite #hypocricy #parents #kids #weed
by FloraJane May 25, 2009
Saying or believing one thing while at the same time doing exactly the opposite.

1) Me saying: A large number of posters on urbandictionary.com can't spel wort a shite.

2) In tags listing misspellings of hypocrisy because I believe people who misspell are idiots.
#idiots #poor spelling #hypocrisy #dumbass #wrtiting
by thepersonwhocanwriteworthashit December 31, 2007
noun. The manifestation of irony in mankind
Hypocrisy is when people become ironic.
#hypocrisy #hypocracy #hypocritical #irony #ironic #manifestation
by apq December 30, 2011
Most religions, but especially Christianity.
I am trying to make the point that religion is full of hypocrisy and a bad idea, not trying to write a sentence.
#religion #christianity #evil #control #belief
by ~Ry_an~ July 07, 2006
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