Hypnotize is, in my opinion the greatest System Of A Down Album. My favourite song has to be Kill Rock And Roll
Kill Rock And Roll intro:

"When I was a little boy, I used to talk to god and I said you mother fucker and he said you mother fucker gotta grow up and kill rock and roll. He said kiiiilllll rock and roll AND FUCK ALL THE SEXY PEOPLE.....So I did"

If you don't think Hypnotize is the greatese go fuck urself.
by U Know damn right December 03, 2005
The fifth album by SOAD,(The best band ever, in my opinion) That is coming out on NOV 22 2005!
I can't wait till Hypnotize comes out!
by Nick Saltzman October 27, 2005
The act of putting someone into the altered mind-state of hypnosis.
Please hypnotize me to help me stop smoking.
by EroticTist May 13, 2008
System of a Down's (SOAD) 5th album-to-be. It is part two of the two disc album Mezmerize/Hypnotize. Hypnotize is due out 4 months later on September 27, 2005. You must buy this album. If Mezmerize was mezmerizing, then Hypnotize will be hypnotizing.
Dude ONE: Dude! MEZMERIZE totally kicked ass!

Dude TWO: I KNOW DUDE! I Can't wait till Hypnotize comes out! It's gonna kick bigger ass!

Random Dude THREE: WoORdD!
by Vicken June 10, 2005

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